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Island name: Barbados (BB).

Country: Barbados.

Nationality: Barbadian(s).

Language: English.

Capital: Bridgetown.

Population: 285,000 (2013 est.).

Climate: Tropical; rainy season from June to October.


Coastline: 97 km (60 miles).

Geographic coordinates: 13° 10' N, 59° 32' W.

Highest point: Mount Hillaby 336 m.

Location: BB is the easternmost Caribbean island, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Size:  34 x 23 km (21 x 14 miles), 431 sq km.

Terrain: Mainly flat with a central highland region.

Tourist Information

Accommodations: Barbados has a wide range of accommodations, from elegant resorts to intimate guesthouses. There are many luxury and middle class hotels, but only a few guest houses. Prices from US$ 25.00 (guest house) to US$ 1000.00 (golf hotel) per guest and night. All in all aboaut 6,000 guest rooms.

Activities: Snorkeling, diving, fishing, sailing, water skiing, tennis, squash. Two 18-hole and two nine-hole golf courses.

Average tourist arrivals: 518,564 (2009).

Crime:Barbados is a relatively safe place to visit. Petty theft and street crime can occur.

Electricity: 110 volts / 50 cycles. Standard plugs found in Barbados are also similar to those in the United States with the exception of one. In addition to the usual 2 flat blades or 2 flat blades with a round grounding pin, there are also some plugs one single flat blade.

Entry Requirements: Every visitor requires a valid passport and a valid return ticket. North American citizens may be admitted without a passport for a period not exceeding three months, but they require any other identification and must come direct to Barbados. Visas are required for citizens from Eastern European countries, the C.I.S., the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Egypt, non-Commonwealth Countries of Africa, all South American Countries except : Argentina, Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela. 
Visas are not required for passengers on cruise ships with the exception of citizens of the C.I.S., Eastern European countries, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, South Africa and Korea. 

Extension of stay: Possible at the Immigration Department, The Wharf, Bridgetown, Tel: (246) 426-1011.

Sleep: Noisy little frogs might keep you awake at night.

Telephone: The interntional country code is 1-246. 

Time: 1 hour ahead of Standard US Time and 5 hours ahead of Standard European Time. There is no daylight saving time in Barbados.


Cost of living: High. Bridgetown is ranked number 108 of the most expensive places in the world (Tampa Fla 235). 

Credit cards: Major credit cards are widely accepted. 

Currency: 1 Barbadian dollar (Bds$) = 100 cents. The Barbados dollar is converted at the fixed rate of $ 1.98 Bds to $ 1.00 U.S.

Tipping: Most restaurants and hotels include a 10% service charge, otherwise, standard tipping is ten to fifteen percent of your overall bill. Tipping is left to the discretion of the individual unless included in the bill.

Air Transport

Airport: Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI), 30-45 minutes from Bridgetown. A public bus service runs to Bridgetown every 30 minutes 0600-2400, departing from the Main Road outside the terminal building.

Departure Tax: US$ 27,50 (2008).

Flight Times: Miami 3.5 hours; New York 4.5 hours; Toronto 5 hours; London 8 hours. 

Water Transport

Ferry Service: The Star Ferry Service is based in Barbados connecting the island to the French territory of Guadeloupe making stops at St. Lucia, Dominica and Martinique. This ferry is operated by Remac Tours. 

Ports and harbors: Bridgetown and Speightstown.


Ethnic groups: Black 8 0%, white 4 %, other 16 %.

Government type: Parliamentary democracy.

Legal system: English common law; no judicial review of legislative acts.

Religions: Protestant 67 %, Roman Catholic 4 %, none 17 %, other 12 %.


Agriculture-products: Sugar, fish, vegetables.

GDP per capita: US$ 23,700 (2011 est.).

Industries: Tourism, food processing, component assembly, clothing. 

Natural resources: Petroleum, fish, natural gas.

Unemployment rate: 13.2 % (2015 est.).