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Cayman Islands Facts

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Country: Cayman Islands (CJ).

Nationality: Caymanian(s).

Language: English is the official language.

Capital: George Town (on Grand Cayman).

Population: 47,862 (July 2008 est.).

Climate: tropical marine; warm, rainy summers (May to October) and cool, relatively dry winters (November to April).


Coastline: 160 km.

Geographic coordinates: 19° 30' N, 80° 30' W.

Highest point: The Bluff (Cayman Brac) 43 m.

Location: Caribbean, three-island group (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, Little Cayman) in Caribbean Sea, 240 km south of Cuba and 268 km northwest of Jamaica.

Size: Grand Cayman: 13 km x 33 km, Little Cayman: 3 km x 16 km, Cayman Brac: 3 km x 19 km. 262 sq km total.

Terrain: low-lying limestone base surrounded by coral reefs.

Tourist Information

Activities: Cayman is regarded as a world-class SCUBA diving destination. Wall, wreck, reef and the famous Stingray City diving excursions are conducted daily by over 30 professional diving organizations, giving you plenty of chances to create amazing underwater images. Sportfishing is also big in Cayman. Other watersports include snorkelling, parasailing, board sailing, and skiing. If you are not into watersports, there are many great sight-seeing opportunities so be sure to bring a camera so you can capture the memories of your trip and create great photo books to show your friends and family.

Do not's: Be prepared for conservative attitudes among some islanders. There is a strong Christian tradition in the Cayman Islands that occasionally manifests itself in an unaccommodating fashion. Don't buy any black coral, it's an endangered species.

Electricity: Electrical current is 110 volts, 60Hz. American style two-pin plugs are standard. 

Entry Requirements: All visitors must have a valid passport with following exceptions: U.S., U.K. and Canadian nationals who have proof of identity and citizenship (birth certificate and voter's registration) plus a photo ID (driver's license). Every visitor is required to have a return ticket. Visas are not required for U.S., U.K., or Canadian citizens..

Extension of stay: .

Telephone: The international: country code is 1-345.

Time: GMT-5.

Tourist Office: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, George Town: +1 345 949 0623 or


Cost of living: Very high. The Cayman Islands are one of the most expensive countries in the Caribbean. George Town is ranked number 61 of the most expensive places in the world (Barbados 108, Tampa Fla 235). Please inform us, if you know a budget accommodation for under US$ 100.

Credit cards: Travelers' checks and major credit cards are widely accepted at most stores. ATMs accepting MasterCard and Visa with Cirrus affiliation are readily available, particularly on Grand Cayman; you usually have the option of U.S. or Cayman dollars.

Currency: Caymanian dollar (KYD). Caymanian dollars per US dollar - 0.8496 (2006).

Tipping: Most restaurants add a 10 % to 15 % charge in lieu of tipping, so check your bill carefully. Hotels also often add a 10 % service charge to your bill. Taxi drivers expect a 10 % to 15 % tip. Bartenders & Waitresses: 15-20% of the bill. Dive/Fishing Boat Captain and Crew: $10-$20. Bell Captain & Bellman: $1-$2 per bag. Hotel Courtesy Shuttle Drivers: at least $1 or more per person or $4-$5 per party. Maids/Housekeepers: $1 or $2 per day is adequate, usually left at the end of your stay. Valet Parking Attendants: $1-$2. 

Air Transport

Airport: Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM). Cayman Brac Airport (CYB). Little Cayman Airport (LYB). 

Departure Tax: KYD 20.- or USD 25.-. 

Flight Times: The shortest connecting flight time from New York is 5 hours and 40 minutes. Miami: 0.5 hours. Atlanta: 1.5 hours. Newark: 3 hours. London: 10 hours. Frankfurt: 10,5 hours.

National Airline: Cayman Airways; operates 3 Boeing 737-200's, 2 Boeing 737-300 jets, and 2 Twin Otter aircraft from its base in Grand Cayman with service to: Cayman Brac and Little Cayman; Miami, New York, Tampa, Orlando, Houston and Chicago in the United States; Havana, Cuba; Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Driving: On the left site. A valid driver's license is required. A seat belt law is in effect which applies to every person in the vehicle including children. 

Water Transport

Ferry Terminal: There is no ferry service between the smaller, outlying islands of the Caymans and the major hub of Grand Cayman.

Ports and harbors: Cayman Brac, George Town.


Ethnic groups: Mixed 40%, white 20%, black 20%, expatriates of various ethnic groups 20%.

Government type: British crown colony.

Legal system: British common law and local statutes.

Literacy: 98 %.

Political Status: British Overseas Territory.

Religions: United Church (Presbyterian and Congregational), Anglican, Baptist, Church of God, other Protestant, Roman Catholic.


Agriculture-products: Vegetables, fruit; livestock; turtle farming.

GDP per capita: US$ 43,800 (2004 est.).

Industries: Tourism, banking, insurance and finance, construction, construction materials, furniture.

Natural resources: Fish, climate and beaches that foster tourism.

Unemployment rate: 4.4 % (2004).