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Online Games

Send a virtual Greeting Call Card from the Caribbean. It's great, it's fast, and it's free! 

You can choose from nine motives. There is one postcard for every island from Guadeloupe to Margarita. 

With you can play Chess with your friends anywhere in the world. It's a two player real-time Chess. Includes Chat capability so you can heckle your opponent between the moves. 

To make an appointment with other players click here. German visitors please click here for Schach

Two-player real-time Checkers. Includes Chat capability so you can talk with your opponent between the moves. 

To make an appointment with other players click here. 

If you prefer to play Checkers by your own, try Draughts. 

At Caribbean WORLD you can play fourteen (14) solitaire variations. The games allow unlimited undo and have several levels of difficulty to provide a challenging (but winnable) game for all levels of players. 

Java must be enabled. 

Virtual Cube
Do you remember the magic cubes? This here is a virtual Song Li cube. 

Java must be enabled. 

Jigsaw Puzzle
Did you ever try an online jigsaw puzzle? The photo is a surprise. You can get this online and off-line puzzle as a present with a photo of your own and a greeting text. Java must be enabled 
Slide Puzzle
Another Puzzle with another nice photo on it. A move counter and a timer shows you how good you are. Java must be enabled 

The Genie
A magic number guessing game. You will be amazed at how The Genie guesses your number. 

Sailing the Caribbean on New Year's Eve? Missing a firework? Don't worry! CARIBBEAN TRAVEL WORLD supplies you with a firework. Click here for New Year's Eve fireworks and here for a any other event's firework. Java must be enabled.

Play the old known game blackjack.