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St. George's
St. George's, the capital of Grenada

Sailor in St. George's
Sailor in St. George's Harbour

Grand Anse Bay
Grand Anse Bay

Grand Anse Beach
Grand Anse Bay

Osprey Fast Ferry
The Osprey Fast Ferry runs between Grenada and Carriacou

Grenada - Carriacou Ferry
The Osprey Fast Ferry runs between Grenada and Carriacou
Personal Impressions
If you like to see how different spices are grown and processed, Grenada is the best place in the Caribbean. Known as the "Spice Island", it is one of the world's largest producer of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Grenada has a good mix of nature, beaches and culture. The island's interior is filled with volcanic mountains, rainforests, crater lakes and waterfalls. St George's, the capital, has a beautiful harbour, known as the Carenage. Grenada is a very friendly and safe island, perfect for nature lovers, but nothing for party people. The public transport system of buses is efficient an inexpensive, but time consuming. I do recommend Grenada for individual travellers but not for luxury holiday makers. Its a good cruise itinerary as well.
The public transport system of buses is very efficient and inexpensive - See more at:
The public transport system of buses is very efficient and inexpensive - See more at:

The public transport system of buses is very efficient and inexpensive - See more at:



The State of Grenada consists of the three islands Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Until 1958 Grenada was first a French and then a British Colony. European influences still retain in the culture, architecture and place names. Most of the population is black, having descended from African slaves.

The island of Grenada has a beautiful mountainous interior and several national parks. Many different ecosystems are found, from dry tropical forest and mangroves on the coast, through lush rainforest on the hillsides, to elfin woodland on the peaks. St George's, now recovering from Hurricane Ivan in 2004, is widely acknowledged as the prettiest harbour city in the West Indies, blending French and English architectural styles with a picturesque setting on steep hills overlooking the bay.

Grenada gets hit by Hurricanes regularly with serious impacts on the agriculture sector and the tourism industry. In 2004 Hurricane Ivan hit the islands and damaged 90 percent of Grenada's buildings, destroyed 85 percent of its nutmeg trees and left more than half the population homeless. Life is hard for most Grenadians.


St. George's and the Carenage
The capital city of Grenada, St. George's, is one of the prettiest port towns in the Caribbean. The oldest part, known as the Carenage, offers excellent shopping. The buildings along the horseshoe-shaped inner harbour are over 200 years old. Picturesque pastel-coloured houses rise up the hillsides from the waterfront. Colourful boats of all sizes are docked in the harbour, being loaded and unloaded with a wide variety of goods.
The Sendall Tunnel, built in 1895, joins the Carenage to the Esplanade Shopping Mall and the modern Cruise Ship Terminal. In walking distance is the Market Square, where Farmers sell their fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Fort George
Located on the promontory to the west of the harbour is Fort George. It provides a spectacular panoramic view. It is Grenada's oldest fort, built in 1705 by the French to protect the harbour. Today the police force uses many of the old buildings.

The Grenada National Museum displays a variety of historical items including Carib and Arawak artefacts, sugar processing machines and equipment, whaling industry items, and Josephine Bonaparte's marble bath

Fort Frederick
To the east of St. George’s, at the end of winding road, are the ruins of Fort Frederick situated high above the town. Here you get great views of St. George's and the surrounding areas. The French built the fort against attacks from inland (that is how the French had taken Grenada from the English just before). Power shifts between the French and the English in this region were very common in the 18th century.

Grand Anse Beach
The most famous beach on Grenada is only a short bus ride away from town. Grand Anse is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. It is fringed by coconut palms and lined with low-rise resorts, restaurants and beach bars. Water hues range from clear turquoise in the shallows to deep cobalt blue. The magnificent white-sand beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Shops and Supermarkets are close by.

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Grenada Yacht Club
Grenada Yacht Club located in the Lagoon of St. George's

Street in St. George's
Street in St. George's

Nutmeg Fruit
Nutmeg Fruit on a branch

Nutmeg Factory
Nutmeg Factory

View from Carriacou
View from a hill on the island of Carriacou

Ruin on Carriacou
The Ruin of an old stone house in the hills of Carriacou