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The triple Waterfalls Chutes du Carbet, Basse Terre The three Falls are 110 m (360 ft), 125 m (410 ft) and 20 m (65 ft) high The first Fall is easy to reach It takes about 15 minutes to the first and another 30 minutes to the second Waterfall
The highest Waterfall is about a 2 hours Hike away For sure you will get wet here Birds in Guadeloupe are´nt shy Parc Archéologique des Roches Gravées, Basse Terre
The Park contains Rocks engraved and carved by the Arawak Indians The Petroglyphs date to around 300 AD The Parc Archéologique is located in the Town of Trois Rivières You can see beautiful Lizards in the Parc Archéologique des Roches Gravées
There is a Botanical Garden around the Rocks with cocoa beans Bananas, not yet ripe Coffee beans Farmland and Nature dominates Basse Terre