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Yacht Distributor Wanted
Boat Dealers And Distributors Wanted

A European manufacturer of small high quality mahagony yachts is looking for a distributor in the Caribbean.

Here is an example of their yachts:


Mahogany Daysailer

Tradition and Progress

This daysailer has a classical form with the expression of completed harmony. It is perfect down to the last detail, a boat for connisseurs and devotees with a good taste.

For the security of the yachtsmen and to prevent wear we build the coachroof and the side deck in teak.

Mahogany superstructures with brass fittings underline the beauty of this elegant yacht.


Noble brass fittings Noble brass fittings A combination of noble brass fittings and finest boat building A combination of noble brass fittings and finest boat building Useful details
The Mahogany Daysailer is build only with GRP-hull.

The centerboarder as daysailer with little draft is available either with wood or with aluminium mast. It can be put on a trailer for easy transport.

By the low draft of 55 cm (with centerboard catched up) you reach easily flat bays, where other boats can't go.

The Daysailer is also available as keel yacht with a fixed keel, which has a very good stability at 95 cm draft.

Technical Details and Delivery

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Sketch of the daysailer
Daysailer in the water: Elegance in here natural environment!
Daysailer details
Daysailer details
Daysailer details
Daysailer as keel version Daysailer motor mount Daysailer cabin extension