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Cruise Line Jobs

Cruise ships are like a floating city. They require a wide variety of employees. Some are highly skilled and others require no experience or training. Cruise lines have a high employee turnover rate in compare to other industries. As a result, they are constantly hiring. The most positions available on a cruise ship require no previous cruise experience. Main jobs easy to get are restaurant and kitchen service stuff, entertainers, deck and cabin stewards, bartenders, shop sellers, fitness instructors; youth counselors, office personnel, tour guides, etc. The income level in the cruise industry is varies and depends on the negotiations between the employee and the cruise line. Job applications are only successfull when they are complete, accurate and sent to the right person. Don't apply online!

Agencies (in German)

Job hotline: (407) 566-SHIP

Costa Cruises
Job hotline: (954) 266-5645


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