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Trinidad & Tobago Nature Tour

10 days All Inclusive Nature Tour for only US$ 1,490.- plus flight

Join us on our guided Nature & Island Tour. Every day we do a different tour. We travel in a minbus with only 8-12 people.

Included: accommodation (air conditoned double room), 3 meals, drinks, tour guide.

Our Schedule:

Tuesday: Central Experience & Caroni Swamp.

Wednesday: Asa Wright Nature Reserve.

Thursday: Paria Bay Waterfall and Rio Seco Waterfall.

Friday: Manzanilla / Brigand Hill.

Saturday: North Coast Adventure / Experience.

Sunday: Chaguaramas & Boat Tour.

Monday: City Tour + Carnival in Port of Spain.

Tuesday: Pitch Lake & San Fernando Hill.

Wednesday: Nariva Swamp.

Thursday: Aripo Savannahs.

And much more.

Optional you can stay one more week and visit Tobago.

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Carnival in Port of Spain

Maracas Bay
Maracas Bay

Grand Gaube
Asa Wright 

Grand Gaube
Birds Nests

Grand Gaube
Rio Seco

Grand Gaube
Manzanilla Beach

Grand Gaube
North Coast

Grand Gaube

Bed Room
Dining Room

Bed Room
Bed Room