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What Tourists Dislike

What Tourists Dislike | Pollution Threatens Caribbean | Cruise Ship Pollution

You would think that a country, that depends on tourism, does everything to make tourists feel good and come back. Not so in the Caribbean. Most Caribbean countries expect tourists to take a taxi from the airport to the resort and stay there during their holidays. Walking along the streets is very often disgusting due to lots of rubbish. Uninhabeted parts of the island are often used as wild dumps. Not to talk about sewage pipes at tourist beaches. Many tourists save their money for a trip to "PARADISE" and get disappointed. Of course they choose a different destination for their next holiday. 

This is what tourists want: #1 safety (no risks); #2 cleanliness (paradise-like environment); #3 relaxation (no hassles, etc.). 

= STRIEWA 2010 = 

Some own photos typical for many Caribbean countries:

Pollution on Antigua
Antigua: a car wreck is rotting away by the roadside.

Pollution on Antigua
Antigua: spoiled landscape.

Pollution on The Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas: remains of a hurricane.

Pollution on The Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas: a rich country doesn't care.

Pollution on Barbados
Barbados: one drop of lubricating oil contaminates hundret litres of water.

Pollution on The Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands: the oil is washed into the Sea.

Pollution in Grenada
Grenada: old motors everywhere.

Pollution in Grenada
Grenada: this could be everywhere in the Caribbean.

Pollution in Grenada
Grenada: all rubish lands in the sea.

Cockroach in Jamaica
Jamaica: bugs like dirty hotels, tourists don't.

Road Damage in Jamaica
Jamaica: road damages are excusable, but bad for tourism.

Car wash in a river
Tobago: missing environmental consciousness.

What Tourists Dislike | Pollution Threatens Caribbean | Cruise Ship Pollution