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Sint Maarten Facts
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Map of Sint Maarten


Island name: Sint Maarten.

Country: Netherland Antilles (NT).

Nationality: Dutch Antillean.

Languages: Dutch (officially), English.

Island Capital: Philipsburg.

Population: 33,102 (October 2004 census).

Climate: temperature averages 80-85 degrees all year long; low humidity, gentle trade winds, brief, intense rain showers; July-Novemeber is the hurricane


Coastline: 58.9 km (for entire island).

Size: 6 km x 12 km, 54.4 sq km (37 square miles total; 16 Dutch and 21 French).

Terrain: generally hilly, volcanic interiors.

Tourist Information

Overview: the island is divided between two sovereign states, France and the Netherlands, with an unpoliced border cutting through its southern portion. The entire island boasts 80 different nationalities. There are many good sand beaches. Plenty good restaurants, excellent shopping facilities, night clubs and casinos. Philipsburg has many art galleries, jewelry stores and souvenir shops.

Average tourist arrivals: 440,185 (2009).

Geographic coordinates: 12 15 N, 68 45 W.

Highest point: Pic du Paradis, 425 m,  is the highest point on the island with two viewing areas that provide great views.

Location: Caribbean, east of the US Virgin Islands, north of Saint Barthelemy, 300 km from the coast of Puerto Rico.

Safety: Most visits to the island are trouble-free, however crime has been increasing in recent years and visitors should refrain from leaving valuables unattended on beaches, in cars and hotel lobbies. Burglaries and break-ins occur sometimes at resorts, beach houses and hotels and there have been incidents of armed robbery. Precautions should also be taken against car theft and insurance cover is advisable.

Time: GMT/UTC -4.


Cost of living: high.

Tipping and Taxes: hotel bills include a tax of 5 %, and often a service charge of 15 %. Waiters and bar staff should be tipped between 10 and 15 % if not included in the bill. 8 % government tax.

Air Transport

Airport: Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM). The airport is located 15 km (9 miles) west of Philipsburg. Departure Tax is US $20.

Water Transport

Electricity: 110 volts.

Telephone: +599. Calls between the Dutch and French sides of the island are considered international calls. 



Industries: tourism.