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Cruise Ship

Scarborough Lighthouse
Scarborough Lighthouse

Powder Magazine
Powder Magazine at Fort King George, Scarborough

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Cannon at Fort King George

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Boats at Bucco Beach

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Beach at Sunset

Mystery Tombstone
Mystery Tombstone in Plymouth

Personal Impressions
The small sister island Tobago lies northeast from Trinidad and life here is very contemplative.  The relaxed, warm and friendly atmosphere makes it the ideal place for a peaceful holiday. Tobagonians do have a sense of humour and dignity that will allow them to accept visitors with welcome hands.

The main tourism concentrates in the proximity of the international Crown Point airport. The further one departs from there, the calmer the island is. The center of the island is a mountain comb covered with rain forest, and in the northeast of the island are only small villages. It's great fun to hike from one town to the other, to relax in local pubs and to meet open and friendly people.

Tobago is a good choice for a first trip to the Caribbean. There is a wide range of accommodation, even a backpacker hostel is available, and prices are moderate. Most visits to Tobago are trouble free, but you should maintain at least the same level of security awareness as you would in bigger cities. 




The islands capital straggles along the waterfront and around a lively market laden with vendors selling colourful souvenirs. A few interesting old buildings and some traditional wooden houses on stilts cling to the hillside. Fort King George from the 18th-century lies above the city near the hospital and offers wonderful coastal views. Several buildings have been restored and the island's colonial past is exhibited in a small museum. The still-functioning lighthouse uses an impressive lead crystal, prismatic Fresnel lens.

Buccoo Village
Buccoo is a small fishing village with a long unpopulated beach. Glass-bottom boats go to the famous Buccoo Reef and to the Nylon Pool. Every Sunday night at 8 pm starts Sunday School, a noisy street party where tourists and locals come together. Goat and Crab races are held here on Easter Tuesday.

Plymouth Mystery Tombstone
In Plymouth is the Mystery Tombstone of Betty Stiven who died, probably during childbirth, in 1783. The headstone has an enigmatic inscription: She was a mother without knowing it, and a wife, without letting her husband know it, except by her kind indulgences to him.

Arnos Vale
Arnos Vale is a former sugar plantation. The old Sugar Factory represents one of the best preserved examples of eighteenth and nineteenth century production technology in Tobago. The Arnos Vale Waterwheel is located on the northern side of Plymouth and remains in remarkable condition. There is a small museum, a souvenir shop and a restaurant. A good place to watch birds is the Arnos Vale Hotel.

Argyle Waterfalls
Tobago's highest waterfalls are located near Roxborough, about a 15 minute walk from the main road. A series of falls go all the way up the mountain, each with its own deep cool pool. You can choose from several different natural pools to bathe in. The largest is at the bottom.

Jemma's Treehouse
The best known restaurant in Tobago is Jemma's Treehouse. It was build around a seafront almond tree. The restaurant offers great views of Goat Island. Many tour parties stop here and it can become extremely busy. 

This small fishing village is known for its fantastic diving. There is a lookout, from where you can see Speyside, Tyrell's Bay, Little Tobago and Goat Island.

Little Tobago
This small island is located off the village of Speyside and also known as Bird of Paradise Island. It is home to one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the Caribbean. It is an important breeding site for seabirds such as Red-billed Tropicbird, Audubon's Shearwater, Brown Booby, Brown Noddy, Sooty and Bridled Terns. The Red-Billed Tropic birds are spectacular from October to June. The only way to get to Little Tobago Island is by small boat.

About 60 % of the island's fishing catch comes from Tobago's most northerly town. You an watch the fishermen gutting their catch at the fishing cooperative in the middle of the village. In the greater Man O' War Bay at Charlotteville lies the beautiful Pirate's Bay. The romantic beach is surrounded by rainforest.

Tobago is popular for her beaches Pigeon Point, Store Bay, Mt. Irvine Bay, Englishman's Bay and the great Courland Bay. The loose white sand and the sparkling blue-green waters are a sight to behold. A trip in a glass bottomed boat, which operates at various points - Store Bay, Bucco and Pigeon Point - can take you to the famous Bucco Reef and the unforgettable Nylon Pool.

Some boats are used as "party cruises". They take you on short trips, while being entertained with local music and lots of food and drink. You can eat and drink to your heart's during you sail through the serene waters of Tobago.

The most popular beach is Pigeon Point near Crown Point airport. It has white sand, palm trees, a snack bar, boats and water sport facilities. The water is shallow and calmer than anywhere else on the island because the point is protected by nearby Buccoo Reef. There is a small entrance fee for use of the changing rooms and thatched shelters.

Quiet and casual Store Bay, at the southwest end of the island has powdery white sand and a lifeguard. The beach is fringed with palms, and the turquoise water is crystal clear.
The Caribbean Coast is calm and sheltered, the Atlantic Coast windier and rougher. Driving up the east coast from Pigeon Point you pass Mount Irvine Bay, Stonehaven Bay and Courland Bay. Mount Irvine gets many surfers. Back Bay, just beyond Plymouth, is quiet and secluded. Further along the coast are King Peter's Bay near Runnemede, Castara Bay, Englishman's Bay, Parlatuvier Bay and Bloody Bay.

The Road along the Atlantic Coast will tempt you with beach after beach. Canoe Bay near Crown Point is shallow and calm and perfect for families with children, while Petit Trou is a long, breezy walking beach. Bacolet Beach, just beyond Scarborough, is small and secluded. At Minister Bay you can sometimes watch surfers. At the northern tip of Tobago lies Pirates' Bay near Charlotteville.


Tobago with its lush tropical rainforest and magnificent waterfalls is the perfect location for those who love to hike and explore a tropical island. The best hiking time is the early morning and the late afternoon. At this time you see the most birds and the sun is not so hot.

Tobago has a wonderful natural life without poisonous snakes or other dangerous animals. It is still relatively unspoiled, particularly in the east of the island. It's easy to meet locals and have a chat with them. Sometimes you will meet local men walking along the road with large cutlasses or machetes. They look dangerous, but they are just returning home from clearing some bush.

Scuba Diving
Discover the beauty of the coral gardens around Tobago's north-east coast and the fish-rich west and south coast. With excellent sight and alive reefs, which are closely over-rampantly grown of multicoloured corals and sponges. Playful manta rays with a span of three meters, dares gladly an underwater dance with the divers.

 Visit Millers Guesthouse Buccoo Point Tobago

Pigeon Point Beach
Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Beach
Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Beach
Girl at Pigeon Point Beach

Mount Irvine Bay Hotel
Caroni Bird Sanctuary

East Coast
East Coast of Tobago

Boat to Little Tobago
Fisherboat going to Little Tobago

Panorama at Roxborough